Amazon Connect

The pay-per-use cloud omnichannel contact center

So easy to use that it will help you deliver great customer service for a low cost by providing personal, dynamic and natural experiences to your customers. Interact with thousands every day of the year!

Designed to be omnichannel from start to finish, it generates a continuous voice and chat service experience for your clients and agents.

Skills-based targeting

Task management

Real-time and historical analysis

Intuitive administration tools

Simplify operations and improve your efficiency!

This tool can be configured in a short time and it’s scalable

to admit conversations from the office or virtually.


Changes in a few minutes

Simple to set up and use is equivalent to innovation! A couple of clicks and your agents can start interacting with customers by voice and messages. Modifications are easy to generate thanks to a highly intuitive interface that will allow you to create contact flows or tasks for your agents without having to enter the code.


Save costs up to 80%

Spend less than a legacy pay-as-you-go system, plus associated phone and messaging charges. Forget base monthly fees, long-term commitments, or upfront license fees!


Easily scale in front of unpredictable demand

Flexibility is a must in any contact center when you faced with regular business cycles or inopportune events. Thanks to a secure, reliable, and scalable infrastructure, all you will need is a compatible web browser and an Internet connection to communicate with clients anywhere in the world.

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